My name is Eugen Mancas, I am 27 years old and this is my story.

I was born in Romania in 1993, where I started practicing Athletics from the age of 9.

A year later I won my first wooden medal at the National Cross Country Championships.


The curiosity and passion for high jump were born after seeing Stefan Holm win the Athens Olympics in 2004: his determination to compete with athletes much taller than him inspired me to believe in myself. Shortly afterwards, in 2006, I moved with my family to Italy and finally I had the opportunity to pursue my dream.


I joined the Atletica Clarina club, and thanks to my coach Claudio Tavernini, in the following years I brought home various national medals in Italy and Romania.

In 2013 I was welcomed by the new family of Athletic Club 96 Alperia, Italian Team Champions in charge, and I tried to reconcile the sporting career with the working one. Almost with a natural evolution of my path I approached the world of gyms and Personal Training. I discovered the joy and satisfaction of helping others achieve their goals: the time had come to give back what I had received from my experiences.


In 2015 I moved to Portsmouth-Uk, where I stayed until the end of 2017. Here I had the opportunity to increase my experiences as a Personal Trainer and Sports Massage Therapist, I met wonderful people, with whom I created a bond that still exists today. I have had many challenges and rewards in being able to help my customers improve their quality of life and achieve their goals.


After almost 3 years, I decided to return to Italy and continue my training in the field of Wellness and Coaching. Years of satisfactions and difficulties in the world of sport have taught me that one must never abandon one's passions, so I decided to go back on the High Jump platform and get back into the game.


I learned to confront with myself instead of others, and this is what I would like to convey to you too. We can learn to value each of our skills and try to become the best version of ourselves!

Firma Bianca.png


  • High Jump: 2.09 - Misano Adriatico

  • Long Jump: 7.06 (+1.4) - Rovereto

  • Triple Jump: 14.72 (+0.0) - Rovereto

  • Paul Vault: 3.30 - Trento